New Account Documents

New Account Documents

Below is a list of documents some of our manufacturers require when placing your first order. Most manufacturers will require a copy of your sales tax certificate. 

Aceray Please request an application after your first completed order paid in full within the same calendar year.

Akouo Acoustics New Account Application, W-9 Form

Architerra No forms necessary. Basic information can be provided with your PO.

ARD Customer’s completed W-9

Creative Wood New Account Application

Cumberland New Account Application

Groupe Lacasse Must be approved as a GL dealer. Please email us to discuss.

H Contract New Account Setup Form

Homecrest New Account Setup Form  Credit Application 

INSPEC New Account Application

Ironsmith Credit Application to be submitted with po. Please request.

Larus Design New Account Application

Paul Duan Creations Full payment required for all stocked items. 50% deposit needed for special orders. Payment procedures are stated on your invoice. Please provide basic information and tax resale certificate.

Sandler New Account Application

Sedia Systems New Account Application, W-9 Form

West Coast Industries  Credit Application